Each month the State of New Mexico (acting through the Office of the State Engineer) mails  packets of documents (an “Adjudication Packet”) to several people the State believes claim water rights in the AUB.  This mailing is the first step in adjudicating the water rights of the recipients of the Adjudication Packets (claimants).   

Actions a claimant must take when he or she receives an Adjudication Packet, as well as the remaining steps in the water rights adjudication process, are described at Proceeding to Resolve Water Rights Claims Under New Mexico Law

The State of New Mexico mails only a few Adjudication Packets each month, so you might not receive your packet for some time.  Questions concerning the status of your adjudication packet should be directed to Stacey Goodwin, Esq., the attorney for the State of New Mexico, 505-982-4147, 300 Galisteo St., #205 Santa Fe, NM 87501, or the Office of the State Engineer.